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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes the truth hurts.

 Check out the video on this guy's blog.   Basically it's a real writer taking the internet hype machine and bloggers (myself included) behind the tool shed.  He even takes on the mother of all hype machines Pitchfork.  His presentation was kind of harsh, but he did leave some words of wisdom that I hope everyone follows:

"Fuck the numbers.  Fuck math.  Today spend an hour listening to a radio station that doesn't cater to your demographic.  Buy a magazine that deals with a genre you aren't familiar with.  Create a pandora playlist based on an artist you only know one song by.  Download an album by a band just because you like their name.  Don't let math make decisions for you...don't believe the hype machine."

And yes the irony of me re-blogging this isn't lost on me.


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